Hedgehog + Fox is a strategic communications firm that brings human voices to complex companies. We work with startups in stealth all the way through to major, global brands. We distill the stories of these exceptional companies, and deliver world-class presentation and media training. Founded in Silicon Valley in 2017 by Kate Mason, we work with clients across the United States, Asia and Australia.

Strategic Narrative + Positioning

Telling the Story of your Company.


Media Training Programs


Media Training Programs

Cultivating confident + compelling appearances.

Presentation Training Programs

Building world-class communicators.


An ancient fragment attributed to the Greek poet Archilochus tells us that “The fox knows many things; the hedgehog knows one big thing”. Later made famous by Isaiah Berlin’s essay of the same name, foxes and hedgehogs have different modes of self-protection and communication: foxes are known for their various wiles and cunning, while hedgehogs have one powerful and effective move of rolling up in a ball. A great company - and an executive - needs the communications skills of both: the defensive ability of the hedgehog and the offense of the predatory fox.