Hedgehog + Fox is a strategic communications firm that brings human voices to complex companies. We distill the stories of exceptional companies, develop thought-leadership platforms for founders and executives, and deliver world-class presentation and media training. Founded in Silicon Valley by Kate Mason, we work with clients across the United States and Australasia.

Strategic Narrative + Positioning

Telling the Story of your Company.


Media Training Programs


Cultivating confident + compelling appearances.

Executive Profile Strategy Development

Force-multiplying your message.

Presentation Training Programs

Building world-class communicators.


An ancient fragment attributed to the Greek poet Archilochus tells us that “The fox knows many things; the hedgehog knows one big thing”. Later made famous by Isaiah Berlin’s essay of the same name, foxes and hedgehogs have different modes of self-protection and communication: foxes are known for their various wiles and cunning, while hedgehogs have one powerful and effective move of rolling up in a ball. A great company - and an executive - needs the communications skills of both: the defensive ability of the hedgehog and the offense of the predatory fox.